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Vegan Cosmetics Designer Tiffany Alston of Hippie Lippies now has a FUN, EXCITING Jingle that is mak

Tiffany Alston is the proud owner of the Hippie Lippie Vegan Cosmetic Line @HIPPIE_LIPPIE which is chemical & cruelty free cosmetic line in a hand painted case. This lipstick promotes the Loud, Crazy hipster in all of US!

Talented Engineers IG:@soundlikealexis- Alexis Sullivan

IG:@keisha2293 -Lakeisha Nicole Kitt

IG:@fakinyouout- Donovan O. McKenzie

FB:Luis A Arroyo

FB:Brandon DeNeal-

designed an upbeat jingle to "Turn Up" with your girfriends on a Friday night, or when you wanna spice u your make-up routine with these hypnotic vibratious colors!! You do not want to miss out on these wonderfully designed lip candies and the song that will get you "HIP" to Hippie Lippies!

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