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I scream, You Scream, for Violins and Icecream!

On December 13, 2018 I was featured on www.trala,com on their blog for a competition they were holding for violinist to win an electric violin or $200 worth of Ben & Jerrys Icecream. This day in particular is quite special and unique becaise its called "National Icecream & Violins Day." I created a skit where I am a street performer playing for money and an onlooker, (also played by me) pays the talent with Snickers icecream. Its shot in black and white and the only audio playing is some scratchy violin (my techniques have improved...) All this and more to win 2nd place along with another honorable mention to share the spotlight!

I love Trala and have been a member for almost two years using their app. I have been with them since they first started and want to say they have come a long way.

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