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Got work to do, but make it chic-Lifestyle of an GAV Tech in 2022

Since I was a teenager I wanted to be apart of the A/V club, Drama department and Chess Club. Well, I was in Yearbook, took acting classes in Baltimore and play chess on my iPhone. "Living the Dream" as some say. After graduating college in 2017, I worked as a music counselor, interned for Bluestreet Productions, was hired by Bluestreet Productions and then finally worked with a popular presentation services company "Encore" formally known as "PSAV"

As a young adult hopping from property to property servicing businesses throughout the DMV area, some may look at it as overworking. I saw it as adventure and a mini tour for a middle working class girl navigating to be an A1, V1 or and L1. This ambition led me to want to get a Mass Communication certificate at Prince Georges community college, which I still only have 2 more classes due to the pandemic and the classes not being available in 2019.


I decided to take a left turn in career choices... why? because there is a world out there to be discovered. Or maybe I'd given up on my dream, the pandemic was uncertain. I became a receptionist at an apartment complex, a receptionist at a door company and then a paraprofessional at a school.

All of these side jobs had me reconsidering and finally I snapped out of that adventure and went back to freelancing and then finally back to Encore. I complete side missions and mini quests for the surrounding properties that need assistance.

Also, there is a huge labor shortage, so folks are desperate in hiring techs to get jobs done. I have had to turn down a lot of money, so that I would not have burn out. I also did not want a repeat of myself doing the most and trying to learn everything all at once instead of pacing myself. One day at a time though, I have an awesome team at my residency and look forward for my growth as a professional.


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